Science communication

My day job is science communication: supporting scientists to translate their work into formats that engage new audiences. I currently work as Communications Officer for a maternal and newborn evaluation project called IDEAS at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine managing all external communications for the project from an interactive website to writing publications and producing short films. I am particularly interested in how design and images can communicate and add new dimensions to scientific discovery.

Having worked in science communication since 2006, here is a snapshot of my work so far:


I worked as an Explainer at the Science Museum for two years.  An Explainer works on the interactive ‘hands-on’ galleries facilitating learning by asking visitors questions and presenting demonstrations and shows. I also gained experience working on the Climate Science gallery with the Museum’s development team.


I have written and worked with designers to produce publications for academic clients:

TV and film

A science-specialist researcher, I have experience working on Channel 4, BBC and National Geographic programmes.  She has also filmed, produced, and edited several short films for companies as well as for her enjoyment.

I have produced short films entitled ‘Voices of Experience’ exploring respect for older generations for social PR company Forster. I wrote, edited and produced short educational science videos using footage from BBC documentaries for Glow Science, an educational online video encyclopaedia.


I have built websites as well as written and created interactive content to promote academic research groups:

Writing and illustration

I have written articles and created illustrations for:


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