Another occasion. More dull cards with glitter and hearts and teddy bears. Not any more! Purchase a unique, science-themed card designed by hand for your equally unique friends and family.

All cards are printed on Forest Stewardship Council approved card (so you can be assured you are not contributing to the destruction of the world’s forests) and include envelopes made from recycled paper. They are all 5 inches by 7 inches and retail at £2.50 per card plus postage and packaging from my Etsy shop.

Snowflake cards

A pack of 6 snowflake cardsEach snowflake’s journey through the clouds is different, making every snowflake’s pattern unique. These cards are decorated with hand-drawn ink prints of close up snowflake images.

– Buy on Etsy

Lobsters are immortal birthday card

Lobster birthday card: frontScience suggests lobsters are immortal. It’s a shame you’re not a lobster. Happy Birthday.
While I designed and drew the lobsters adorning this unique birthday card, I must thank my colleague, scientist Katherine Theiss-Nyland, for her brilliant words and lobster knowledge.

 – Buy on Etsy

A star is born card

Front design 1Exploring the mystery of how a star is born in distant galaxies.
This card can be used to send star filled wishes for Christmas, birthdays and new babies and comes in 2 versions: an inside text in the form of a poem or prose.

 – Buy on Etsy

My heart skips a beat: Valentine’s Card

Whole Valentine's heart palpatation cardA romantic mix of anatomy, heart palpatations and love. Where the outside of the card explains how a premature ventricular contraction (heart palpation) occurs, the inside tells the sender’s true feelings (When I see you, my heart skips a beat).

Buy on Etsy


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