New we are stardust card arrivals!


This week 13 of my new card designs arrived hot off the presses from The Imaging Centre. I am so proud to see them neatly packaged in their precious bubblewrap parcels and I can’t wait for my shop launch in Autumn 2016 when I can finally get them out to you!


The new cards arrived on Friday just in the nick of time for my photo shoot session with photographer Neil Spicer (take a look at his website) on Saturday. I met Neil whilst working at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. His photographs of markets and landscapes from distant lands are beautiful but by far my favourite are his portraits of the people he meets on his travels. I feel very lucky to have Neil help me with my photos.


The photoshoot was a long day where I developed a new found respect for photostylists. Who knew it was so hard to get the right balance of objects and cards in a photo to make it look exciting and inviting?! There is still some editing to do but I can’t wait to show you the finished images…


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