When your heart skips a beat…

Whole Valentine's heart palpatation cardAs soon as they walk in the room it feels electric; the excitement of what might be, the fear of what might not.

You pretend not to watch them. They are so beautiful: You love the way they laugh and run their hands through their hair. The way they tell stories and play with the buttons on their coat.

Slowly they walk towards you and your heart starts beating faster. Nerves tell the atria then the ventricles to contract, over and over, boom boom, pumping oxygen fuelled blood around your body. Your cheeks burn red and you can feel your heart beating loud in your chest.

Before you have thought of what to say, they are standing in front of you. As you slowly look up, the electricity sparks and the nerves in your beating heart go wrong. The ventricles contract before the atria starving your brain of oxygen.

In that moment, as your eyes lock and your hands touch, the world stops and your heart skips a beat.

“When I see you, my heart skips a beat” Valentines card

Tell that special person how they make you feel – £3 on the we are stardust Etsy shop



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