It’s panto season!

As is becoming an annual custom, I was gladly commissioned to make the 2015 pantomime poster for the little Derbyshire village of Snarestone (oh no you weren’t, oh yes I was, etc.).

For those of you who may not have heard of the British pantomime, it’s a family entertainment show with lots of over-acting; dancing; singing; silly jokes and traditions; audience participation; women dressed as men; and men dressed as large, ridiculous “Dames”. They are usually based on a fairy tale so that there is lots of opportunity cheer the boring goodies and to “boo” and “hiss” at the more interesting baddies.

Strictly this has nothing to do with science but it a craft project so I thought I may get away with including it here. I made the stained glass inspired poster using my favourite black felt tip and Adobe photoshop elements:

Beauty and the Beast pantomime poster. Copyright: Agnes Becker


Thank you and good luck to all the Snarestone Panto stars! Break a leg and all that…


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