How does an onion grow?

Autumn leaves are falling and the cold winds have set in. Harvest is coming. Our little garden has given us about 10 beans and 20 cherry tomatoes to eat. Nearly self-sufficient. Next year we will aim for a better harvest. Perhaps we will try onions!

The Life History of The Onion (1943) from British Council Film on Vimeo.

My wonderful friend Anna sent me this brilliant educational film on The Life History of The Onion. Found on the British Film Council website, the film was originally produced for a Junior Biology Series which was sadly stopped mid-series due to the war. Here is the original film description:

‘The film shows speeded-up germination of the seed to form roots and shoot, at whose base the leaves later form a bulb. The flower produces pollen grains (shown much magnified), which are transferred by insects to the stigmas for fertilization of seeds inside the ovary.’

– Films of Britain, British Council Film Department Catalogue ,1942-1943

I love the description of the onion seed around 40 seconds in: “Onion seeds are black and small. Each seed is only 2mm long and 1mm broad”. The images “very much magnified” are also favourites!

Trying to think of an onion-based card I could make. Any suggestions?


One thought on “How does an onion grow?

  1. There are some poetical images based on the onion (lots of layers, etc.), which I can try to find if you are interested, Agnes.

    Just googled it – too many to choose!

    Love, J

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