Science Communication conference 2013

After years of wanting to start my own science card business I finally had the guts to pitch the idea during a Science Soapbox at the British Science Association’s Science Communication conference 2013.

I had 5 minutes to explain my idea – a craft business celebrating the exploration of nature and inspiring others to explore science – and ask for support in starting a business, getting feedback on the cards and looking for collaborations.

This is a quick post to say thank you to all of you who came up to speak to me after the Soapbox. It’s given me fresh inspiration.

I shall be working furiously on new ideas this weekend!


3 thoughts on “Science Communication conference 2013

  1. Yo! I’m sorry I missed your pitch, but I think I probably got most of it during our chat. I had another idea for a romantic-type card. It involves binary stars possibly morphing into a dancing couple, with some nice text about spending eternity rotating around a common centre of mass, and inside it says ‘that’s us, that is.’

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